Looking Out my Back Door

My son called “Quick mum bring the camera”, and there he/she was sitting on the neighbour’s roof. I leaned the lens against my back screen door to take these shots. I have put off posting as I wanted to get confirmation from the Townsville Bird Observers Club as to exactly what he/she is. However, I missed my monthly birdwatching walk due to a rapidly approaching teaching deadline…so from my field guide, my options are male brown goshawk (38 – 45cm) or female collared sparrowhawk (“approximates male brown goshawk in size, collared sparrowhawk distinguished by squarer tail, finer legs and toes”) all very well if they would oblige me by sitting side by side. The guttering is about 6inches or 18cm high. So can you help me?

Collared Sparrowhawk or Brown Goshawk


2 thoughts on “Looking Out my Back Door

    • I know it was amazing he sat there for several minutes about ten metres away…I sent the photo to some of the local bird watchers so hopefully they will be able to confirm what he is…Janet

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