I have Moved Art Journaling and Fibreart

Hi everyone

I have decided to focus this blog on my nature photography and birdwatching ventures.

If you are interested in seeing my art journaling, bookbinding, hand embroidery, textile art or my online classes please visit me at Scattered Reflections Studio  The individual links to each interest are also in the sidebar opposite…

A huge thank you to everyone who takes an interest in what I create….you are appreciated so very much…Janet

Agile Wallabies supremacy fight

Unfortunately they were right at the very limit of my zoom. (Click on the photo to scroll through as a slide show.)

Remote North West Queensland

Currently my husband is building a road 400km west of Cairns (11 hours drive from me), if we are lucky we can get one bar of reception and are able to text each other, if we are really lucky with two bars we can skype a voice call.

Reception in remote North West Queensland

The morning view from his cabin.
Inkermann Station

This is a Diamond Dove, they are an outback dove we don’t see them in the city

Diamond Dove