Townsville Town Common – February 2014

Last weekend was birdwatching with Birdlife Townsville.  Having had just 77mm (about 3 inches) of rain in the last month – there was visible water in one of the lagoons. The average for January is 270mm (10.5 inches).

We saw 37 species down again on last month’s 45…once again mostly bush birds virtually no waders.

When I got home, I found I should have gone golfing instead of birdwatching, both my husband and son came home gushing with how I would have loved it, all the spoonbills, pelicans and egrets that they had seen. The golfcourse borders the wetland where I go birdwatching and is very picturesque with man-made lakes. Luckily the birds have somewhere to go when the natural waterways are dry.

Town Common Feb 2014

Town Common Sept 2010

September 2010

The best feature of the day was not a bird but a sand goanna, over a metre (39″) long.Sand Goanna Sand Goannagoanna-4


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